Food Menus



***NEW MENU***

GF- Gluten Free

GF*- Can be made Gluten Free

V- Vegetarian

V*- Can be made Vegetarian

Ve- Vegan


Soup of the day £3.75
please ask your server | V | GF
Smoked Haddock & Corn Chowder £6.50
with cream crackers | GF*
Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini £6.50
toasted pine nuts, sage butter, tomato concass, pea shoots and basil oil | V
Garlic Bread £4.95
with grilled cheese & balsamic syrup | V | GF*
Chicken Liver Pate £5.75
onion jam, baby leaf salad, ciabatta toast | GF*
Prawn Cocktail £6.50
homemade wheaten bread | GF*
Thai Style Fish Cakes £6.50
zingy salsa & charred lemon
Warm Bread Board £5.25 | V | GF*



The Grill


Cordon Bleu £13.50
pickled red cabbage & walnut slaw, basil pesto, choice of side
6oz Rib Eye Steak Sandwich £12.95
French fried onion rings, pepper sauce, chunky chips | GF*
Crispy Chili Chicken £12.50
Thai style chilli dip, baby leaves, choice of side | GF*
Slow Cooked Rump of Irish Lamb £19.95
minted peas A La Française, pomme puree, salsa verde | GF
10oz Rib Eye Steak £21.95
grilled tomato, Portobello mushroom, french fried onion rings, pepper sauce, choice of side | GF*
Southern Fried Chicken Goujons £12.95
garlic mayo, mixed leaves, choice of side  
Classic Beef Stroganoff £13.95
steamed aromatic rice, crème fraiche
Pork and Honey Mustard Butcher Sausages £11.95
sautéed spinach, champ potato, caramelized onion gravy

Build a burger

6oz Beef Burger £9.00
Buttermilk Chicken Burger £9.50 | GF*
Hummus & Chickpea Burger £8.50 | V | GF | Ve



Bacon £1
Onion rings 75p
Cheddar 50p
Brie £1
Mozzarella 50p
Fried egg 75p
Onion rings 75p
Onion jam £1
Pineapple 50p
Jalapenos 50p



Vegetarian | Pastas | Risotto


Mushroom stroganoff £12.95
smoked paprika, brandy sauce, served with steamed aromatic rice | V | GF
Classic Pasta Carbonara £11.50
with Parmesan and garlic bread | V
Pappardelle £11.50
sundried tomato pesto, garden peas, spinach, Parmesan & fresh herbs | V
Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini £12.95
toasted pine nuts, tomato concass, sage butter & basil oil | V
Ultimate Risotto Primavera £11.50
asparagus, peas, parsley and dressed rocket | V | GF
Three bean chilli £12.95
garlic bread, steamed aromatic rice | V | GF | Ve
Roast Mediterranean Tarte Tatin £12.95
onion jam, rocket salad and choice of side | V


From the sea


Traditional Fish & Chips £12.95
beer battered haddock, mushy peas, tartar sauce, lemon wedge and choice of side | GF*
Portavogie Scampi £12.95
battered scampi with garden peas, tartar sauce, lemon wedge and choice of side | GF*
Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder £12.95
with cream crackers | GF*
Moules Mariniere £11.95
cooked with shallots, thyme and white wine cream, finished with Parsley and warm rustic bread | GF*
Grilled fillets of mackerel £14.50
parisian potatoes, sea greens, chorizo & mussel broth, saffron rouille and parmesan croute | GF*
Pan Seared Cod £16.50
braised comber potatoes, pea & bacon fricassee, lemon butter emulsion | GF

Salads & Open sandwiches

Prawn Open £12.95
tender prawns in Marie Rose sauce, mixed leaves, red onion, coleslaw, lemon and wheaten bread | GF*
Classic Caesar Salad £11.95
crispy baby gem leaves, sliced chicken, bacon lardons, soft boiled egg, crisp croutons and creamy Caesar dressing | V* | GF*
Greek Style Salad £12.95
sundried tomato, cucumber, red onions, oregano, matured feta cheese and marinated olives | V | GF
Waldorf Salad £12.95
pickled grapes, apple and celery with a light yogurt dressing | V | GF
Ploughman’s Open £12.95
branston pickle, honey roast ham and cheddar cheese | GF*


Sandwich & Wrap Boards

Freshly prepared and made to order on either: brown or white bread. Served with choice of thick cut chips, skinny fries, garlic cubes or sweet potato fries.



Chicken tikka £5.95
Tuna, onion & sweet corn £5.95
Egg Mayo & Cress £5.95 | V | GF*
BLT £5.95 | GF*
Chunky Hummus & Chickpea £5.95 | V | GF | Ve
Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce £6.50 | GF*



Chicken tikka £7.50
Chunky Hummus & Chickpea £7.50 | V | GF | Ve
Classic Caesar £8.00 | GF*
Fish Finger £8.00 | GF*
Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce £8.00 | GF*


Sides £2.95

Chunky Chips
Skinny Fries
Garlic Chips/Cubes
Chilli & Sour Cream Chips/Cubes
Sweet Potato fries
Pomme Puree
Chefs Market Vegetables
Rocket & parmesan salad
French Fried Onion Rings


Sauces & Dips

Pepper Sauce £1.50
Gravy £1.00
Sweet Chili Sauce 50p
Sour Cream 50p
Garlic Aioli 50p
BBQ 50p
Garlic Butter 50p



Sweets £5.00


Summer Berry Meringue Nest
chantilly cream, fresh coulis | V | GF
Fruity frozen cheesecake | V
Rose Water & vanilla Panna cotta
with mixed berry compote | V | GF
Belgian Waffles
honeycomb ice cream, butterscotch sauce | V
Millionaire’s choc tart
with clotted cream | V
Selection of Ice Cream & sorbets





Sautéed crab claws with chorizo and garlic GF
Braised beef cheeks with stewed peppers and tomato GF
Mushroom fritters with garlic and parsley GF
Moules Mariniere GF
Spicy fish bon bons with sauce grabiche  
Patatas aioli with spring onions GF| V
Blue cheese beignets V
Marinated olives V|Ve|GF
Warm breads with oils and tapenade GF*
Crispy whitebait GF*
Tapas Tuesdays 3 for £12 and 5 for £18 all day!


Wine Terrace Wednesdays

BBQ Menu

Choose 2 mains & 1 side
£12.50 per person, includes a complimentary glass of sangria 


4oz Steak Burger or build your own burger
Hot Dog with choice of toppings
Chicken, Mushroom & Pepper Skewers  | GF
BBQ Chicken Burger with pickled red cabbage slaw | GF
Grilled Pork Skewers with soy & chilli sauce | GF
Ultimate Jerk Chicken Legs with zingy salsa | GF
Lamb Kebabs with mint riota | GF
Skewered Sardines with tartare dressing | GF
BBQ Mackerel Fillets with sweet soy glaze | GF
Thai Style Chilli & Lime Prawn Skewers | GF
Tofu Skewers with pesto and sesame seeds V | GF | Ve
Portobello Mushroom & Roasted Red Pepper Burger | V | GF | Ve


Charred Corn on the Cob | V | GF | Ve
Black Bean and Corn Salad | V | GF | Ve
Greek Style Salad | V | GF | Ve
Baked Potato | V | GF | Ve



Chunky Chicken Goujons
Crisp Chilli Chicken Strips
Fish Goujons
Pork Sausages
Pasta Carbonara
Plain Burger
add cheese
add on bacon
add on both bacon and cheese
For the toothless ones
Soft creamy mash with chopped vegetables and gravy
for the bigger kids up to age 16 supplement £2